AIIMS Professor of Gynaecology in Delhi NCR- Will Help answer your prayers!!

"When are you planning a baby" a most common question we hear. But this innocent comment could be painful for some couples who are already facing difficulties in having a baby.

We often hear some responses from the women:
- We are planning a holiday soon so...
- I want to focus on my career first
- We are just married and enjoying our time together
- Maybe she means to say "I was expecting but I lost it recently" or "we are trying but..."

Some questions are Painful

There can be many questions or comments couples go through while they are trying to have a baby, but responses could be much more complicated than they seem.

Next time be careful while throwing such a question to a couple because Maybe they have been trying but they aren't as fertile as they should be at the moment.

Coping the frustration of unable to have a baby

We have been trying and trying and now frustrated that unable to have a baby. Endless doctor visits and so many treatments but not yet positive results, imagine the frustration. But some couples still keep their calm and compose and stay positive towards life, but endless questions and not so positive results can get anyone stressed.

The only great way to live a happy life, even when you are feeling anxious about having a child is keeping your calm and by not giving up and working on the best possible solutions by acknowledging the problem if any.

Put a full stop to your sorrows

IVF one of the most popular infertility treatment around the globe could change your life.

AIIMS Professor of Fertility and IVF in Delhi NCR will help you understand this blessing in detail so that you can also enjoy being a parent of a healthy baby.

What IVF is:

In IVF procedure eggs are retrieved from the mother's body and fertilized with father's sperm in Lab. Later fertilized eggs are implanted in mother's uterus. This procedure takes about 2 weeks.

IVF is a procedure which is used to treat genetic problems or treat fertility and helps in having a child. A renowned AIIMS Professor of IVF in Delhi NCR can help you understand the advantages and whether this treatment is suitable for you not in a better way.

Infertility - Should we know

Thousands of couples have been facing infertility problem. But we really don't like to talk about it. There can be one or many reasons for you not getting pregnant. Find out the reason right away by visiting your doc and get yourselves evaluated for infertility and start the treatment at the earliest before it gets too late.

One must keep faith

Never feel disheartened that you can't conceive because you can, with the advice and treatment of an expert AIIMS Professor of IVF in Delhi. Just keep a note of your cycle so when you are trying there are high chances of conception. Work towards maintaining a harmonious life for both of you as you aren't alone struggling your partner is facing it too. Stay Calm and have a belief that you will be blessed with a child. IVF Expert can always be at help if you aren't able to be pregnant after trying for years.

Being Pregnant is beautiful

Getting Pregnant is one of the most beautiful feelings for a woman and you must keep yourself positive that sooner or later you going to have this beautiful experience. It's just a matter of time so it will happen. And once you are pregnant you will forget all your sorrows and heartbreaks you felt during the journey of being pregnant.

So even if you have been trying from a very long time and have been undergoing various treatments but still waiting for the stick to turn blue. Stay relaxed and keep yourself calm, as being helpless will not help you either but stress can lead to adverse results which you obviously don't want to happen. So, take a deep breath and relax and think about the joys and happiness of togetherness once you have the child.


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