IVF- A saviour from never ending embarrassment

Do you know that one thing that may affect your everyday life like upset your mood, sleep and stress levels is Infertility. Though making a slight change to your lifestyle habits diet and exercise might help you cope with this negative stress and can treat your fertility too.

As per a study in Cambridge it has been discovered that IVF can increase chances of getting pregnant by 62%. So thus, IVF is been used as the best chance to treat infertility now a days.

Majorly whenever we talk about infertility discussion seems to be centred on women however, we must not overlook the fact that even Men are equally attributed.

Causes of Infertility in Men
- Medical conditions: any specific medical condition or medication can cause infertility in men
- Environmental & lifestyle factors: Lack of exercise, overweight, alcohol & smoking etc

Causes of Infertility in Women

- Hormonal Disorders
- Blocked fallopian tubes
- Medical conditions: PCOS & polyps
- General Health - Lack of exercise, overweight, alcohol & smoking etc

It is obvious to feel traumatised and stressed by knowing that one is suffering from infertility, but none of this means that infertility can't be treated Best IVF Doctor in Delhi NCR, will help you getting this sorted.

Imagine that you have done everything what you could have done to be healthy and fertile, one mustn't put themselves into psychological pressure if result hasn't been positive yet. Even when you are doing all but still there is quite a chance that you might not get pregnant always keep in mind that it might sometimes take time.

So, you just need to be positive and smiling and confident that you are doing what you need to do to have a family. Instead you must enjoy this time with your partner, as sooner or later you will be rewarded by the universe.

And when you have Best IVF Success rate Doctor in Delhi NCR then you should keep all your worries aside. IVF is one of the best treatments if you have lost all hopes and have tried everything possible you could so far.

While you are trying to get pregnant you must share and discuss every possibility and concern with each other rather than stressing about it alone. As stress may also lead to negative results and which you don't want. IVF Best Fertility doctor in Delhi NCR is going to be there to guide you and consult you at every step of the procedure so you both could understand the procedure and factors well about IVF.

IVF treatment may change your life, but it varies from couple to couple every couple experience is identical. Getting pregnant is stressful but to which extent are you coming up with this stress is up to you, your health and regime, if there is any side effect of fertility drug; in which IVF cycle you are and planning to take how many and obviously how well you and your partner is taking up this procedure.

This is quite sure that once the procedure is completed you are going to be a father and mother off course but sometimes it might just take more than one IVF cycle to fulfil your dream of having a family. IVF impacts your life big time it asks for you commitment in terms of emotions, energy and time.

If you are childless and considering IVF so you must take an expert advice to help you started. Sometimes IVF doesn't work, few couples need to undergo multiple IVF sessions, but they still don't get desired results. When so much commitment and energy is invested it is disheartening. This is the reason we suggest you must first speak to an expert and then undergo treatment as they will counsel you before and after accordingly.

There is no happiness in the world for a family than having a baby and especially for those who have waited for it like years or forever. IVF has been a true friend for such couples and families. But females generally don't take care of their reproductive health except while they are getting period on time or not. This has been one of the leading reasons of delay in conception.

Even infertility has been seen into major effect from past few years due to delay of planning the kid. Women in the current world doesn't really like to have kids at young age they generally delay it as they want to focus first on their careers and it's not wrong, they also have rights to have career.

But this delay unfortunately causes many high-risk complications when you actually decide to have a baby in the later age, As your body doesn't work int he same way as it was at the much younger age when you were in your 20's. So, in case you are planning on having a baby at later older age than you must upkeep your reproductive health in order to avoid any further complications.

Though with the changing and development in science there has been many methods and procedures which are always going to help you in having a healthy baby but if your reproductive health is not good even these medical procedures might fail. You must get yourself checked by the Gynae once every 6 months or a year.

But if you have been ready to get pregnant and you have already been trying from quite a while then you may consider meeting a specialist who would guide on various procedures and can always ask about IVF.

But IVF isn't for everyone and it is also not 100% success rate, but its success depends on various factors so one must visit the specialist to know about the details and their chances of having a IVF procedure and if it will be a best option for them or not. To undergo this, you will have to be physically emotionally and financially strong.



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