Getting prepared for IVF treatment- here is a list of things to do

The improved lifestyle has taken toll on the health of the people and it is main reason behind people facing many health issues including infertility. Thanks to the inventor of IVF treatment, which has made it possible for the couples to become parents even after having lots of fertility problems. However, like any other treatment, one has to do a proper preparation for undergoing IVF. You need to do certain things and leave some habits. This is important for achieving successful results, because IVF is not that easy process and there is no 100% surety of success, says an AIIMS Professor of IVF in Delhi. So, let’s have a look at few things to do while preparing for IVF.

  1. Visit a doctor- This is an obvious thing to do. You might be getting treatment for infertility already, but it is imperative to visit the doctor and discuss about your decision of going for IVF. The doctor will guide you on various aspects of the treatment. You will be prescribed with few tests and medicines marking the beginning of the process.
  2. Let go your bad habits- When you decide to go for IVF, it is important to realise that, you are taking a step towards becoming parents and it’s not an easy thing. It is really a good period of time to leave your bad habits. You might be addicted to alcohol or smoking. These things are considered as obstacles for fertility and can also cause problems to the baby in the womb. So, it is better to leave drinking and smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle, advises an AIIMS Professor of IVF in Delhi NCR. It is also recommended to avoid riding bicycles and using too much hot water for bath.
  3. Do a research- In this world of internet; you can get information about anything you wish. So, do an online research for what is good and bad for increasing the success rate of IVF. Find out which things you must avoid, which medicines affect fertility adversely.
  4. Be in the company of like-minded people- This will generate positive energy in you and lessen the stress you might be having about the success of the process. You can find many groups on social media or even your doctor can introduce you to couples facing the same situation. A Gynae Surgeon in Delhi NCR had arranged a get together for his patients undergoing IVF treatment, so that they can communicate each other and share their experiences.
    When you communicate with like-minded people, you will realise that you are not the only one facing infertility issue and it can be resolved. They can also advise you on how to handle the situations during the process.
  1. Be relax- This is the most important thing in this process. The stress can reduce your fertility and your chances of conceiving. It can cause serious problems during IVF process. So, try to avoid stressful activities. Do the things which you find relaxing. It can include reading the books, watching movies. You can also go for a small vacation to feel refresh, says an AIIMS Professor of IVF in Delhi NCR.
  2. Have a adequate diet- What we eat has a great effect on all aspects of health and fertility is not an exception. Poor diet is directly linked to infertility. So, when you are preparing for IVF, add nutritious items like fruits, nuts, vegetable, whole grains in your daily food. Meat can also prove healthy in this time. You can also take some pre-natal supplements on doctors’ advice, says a Gynae Surgeon in Delhi NCR.
  3. Sleep well- Getting enough sleep is essential for those undergoing IVF treatments. Sleep can have effect on menstrual cycles, ovulation and overall fertility by creating hormone imbalance. So, while preparing for IVF, one must take a good sleep of 7 to 9 hours, states an AIIMS Professor of IVF in Delhi.
So, these are things couples must do while preparing for IVF treatment. This will surely increase your chances of getting success.



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