Why IVF Remains the Best Choice To Tackle Infertility Issue?

Inability to get pregnant even after trying for pregnancy for one year or so can be an indication of infertility. Also, if a woman gets pregnant but is not able to hold the pregnancy can also be a case of infertility. Infertility issue is not always related only to women. It is equally a problem both for men and women.

One-third of the infertility issues are related to the women cases while other one third may be attributed to the males. The remaining problems of infertility can be a mixture of both the male and the women. The Best Gynaecologist in Delhi ncr can be consulted to treat the issues of infertility successfully and to bring smiles to the couples. Among various methods of treatments for infertility, the IVF remains the most successful method.

Why IVF remains the best choice: IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, and most people know about this treatment to some extent. Many families have done therapy with the IVF procedure and have been able to have a baby and start a happy family. Many celebrities all over the world have opted for this treatment and had children with the aid of IVF. The chances of success are very high when a highly qualified IVF Best Fertility doctor in Delhi ncr is consulted for the treatment.

Though IVF is not the first treatment that is used for curing the case of infertility, it can easily be the best option for treatment. It can be the best way to get fertility and to get a much-wanted family for a couple. The sperm and the egg can be put together in a laboratory by the method of IVF. Further, the embryo that is developed can be placed into the uterus of the woman who is getting the reproductive problems.

The issues that can be considered for the treatment with IVF by the Best Gynaecologist in Delhi ncr are discussed as follows:

For treating problems of female infertility: Fertility in women means producing the eggs and subsequently moving the eggs to the uterus for getting fertilized by sperms. If everything goes well, this fertilized egg will become embryo that is implanted on the wall of the uterus and starts growing. If anything interferes with this normal process of fertilization, it can lead to infertility for the couple.

Problems in the fallopian tubes or the uterus in the female partner can lead to fertility issues. One of the most common causes of fertility for around 30 to 50 % of women is endometriosis. It can cause scar tissues which will block the fallopian tubes and gets adhered to the fallopian tubes.

In some cases, the fallopian tubes do not get blocked but fail to move the eggs along the uterus for fertilization. In such a case it is not possible to get the propagation of the egg that is needed for giving birth to a child. IVF facilitates the extraction of eggs directly from the ovaries and gets fertilized in the laboratory, and by this, the problem in fallopian tubes can be avoided.

Ovulation problem can be another reason for infertility: FSH and LH hormones are responsible for ripening of the eggs and to get detached from the ovaries. Age can be a significant factor for producing a good quality egg, and for women above 35, this can be a significant problem. IVF can be helpful in the treatment of such a problem also, and with the help of IVF, the ovaries of the woman can be stimulated.

The fertility drugs do the stimulation, and it helps to produce multiple eggs which further get fertilized in the lab. IVF Best Fertility doctor in Delhi ncr can help to give better control for having many births than the fertility drugs alone. IVF also helps to make it possible to use the donor eggs from another younger donor that can significantly enhance the chance of pregnancy.

Issues related to male infertility: Sperm is the most vital factor for men for ensuring fertility, and production of healthy sperm is essential for getting into the uterus of women. Low sperm count in sperms can’t penetrate the eggs and can’t survive for long in the uterus’s mucus. The inability to intercourse and the blockages in the tubes allow the sperm to get mixed with the semen. All these diagnoses call for the treatment with IVF the best choice, as it can help to extract the man’s sperm from the testicles. The eggs can get fertilized in the laboratory, and if the sperm count is low, or if there are other abnormalities, IVF with ICSI is recommended.

The process of embryo transfer: After the success retrieval of the egg, the embryos are transferred to the uterus through a small catheter. After two weeks of transfer, the patient comes to the test center and gets a blood test for pregnancy. Once the fatal heartbeat is detected, the care for the patient may be transferred to an obstetrician.



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