IVF - A New Hope for Parenthood

Every parent dream of his or her own child. However, some are not as lucky as others and experience problems in conceiving a child. But such childless couples should not lose hope. Technology has opened doors for such couples to dream of their own child instead of adopting someone. In vitro fertilization or IVF is the latest technique in the medical field that helps couples to conceive a child by external means.

IVF is the technique where fertilization of the egg is done outside the body in a laboratory. The whole process is monitored and guided. Doctors stimulate the ovulation process and ovum, or ova are extracted. After extracting the egg, the sperm is made to fertilize that egg in the laboratory within a liquid. This fertilized egg then transferred to the recipient after undergoing culture for 2-3 days. This process ultimately leads to a successful pregnancy with the help of a Best IVF success rate Doctor in Delhi-NCR.

There are many advantages of opting IVF in the present time. The success rate of IVF induced pregnancy is very high. Further, improvements are being made in this technique to remove the risks associated. The risks of failed pregnancy or complications during the pregnancy period are hugely reduced. Screening of both the partners makes it transparent in terms of genetic anomalies in the foetus. If multiple embryos are created, then it makes easy for doctors to choose the healthiest of them after screening. Thus, it eliminates or minimizes the genetic or congenital birth defects in newborn babies. Therefore, it is essential to choose a Best IVF Success rate Doctor with best success rate in Delhi-NCR.

All of the couples that wanted to adopt this procedure have to undergo the screening test beforehand. Couples should also access the full implications of this procedure. Every medical procedure comes with its own risks and the couples should ask for the same before going into any treatment advises a Professor of Gynaecology in Delhi-NCR.

There are many things one should keep in mind before going for an IVF pregnancy. Best IVF Success rate Doctor with best success rate in Delhi-NCR has enlisted the following points:

1] Early consultation. Couples should consult their doctors at the earliest. The risks of complications during pregnancy may increase with age. They should seek medical help within a couple of years of failed attempts.

2] Female testing.  Females should seek the help of an expert Professor of gynaecology in Delhi NCR to determine the possible causes of infertility and failed pregnancy. The medical expert could advise ways to improve the chances.

3] Male partner testing. Male partner should go for testing to determine if his infertility is denying his partner a pregnancy.

4] Choosing an appropriate clinic. Choosing a clinic with proper medical set up, experienced doctors and a proven record is a must. One should not forgo any of these for sake of medical expenses.

5] Remain an active participant. Always remain active during the consultation process. Know your doctor, his experience, his speciality or preferred age group, his medical technique among other things. Getting to the Best IVF success rate Doctor in Delhi NCR will help to discuss various procedures involved and the risks associated.

Pregnancy is not just a health issue but an emotional one also. Thus, it makes couples often stressed and anxious. Assisted pregnancy itself attracts many doubts and is often looked with suspicion by many. This also gives couples hard time to convince relatives. So, they must first remove their doubts about assisted pregnancy or IVF by visiting any expert in the field. They must also bring their close relatives to remove their doubts as they also need a healthy and happy environment during and after pregnancy.





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