Things to know about IVF treatment

Nowadays, having babies naturally has become far more difficult for many couples. The reasons are many like changed lifestyles, food habits, getting married in older age and mental stress. Infertility has become a big problem and hence couples are relying on advanced medical treatments like in vitro fertilization which is called as IVF in short. In today’s world people have become career oriented. Therefore, they think of the baby at an older age. This is the biggest reason for infertility, say an AIIMS Professor of Fertility & IVF in Delhi NCR. IVF treatment is a relief for such couples. However, they have to be prepared for the hardships they are going to face once they opt for it. Having adequate knowledge about certain things before they start with the process may help them to make up their mind for the results. So, here are few things one should know about IVF treatment.

  1. Success rate- The success rate of IVF depends upon many factors and varies from couple to couple in accordance with their lifestyle, age and the reasons behind infertility. Generally, the couples under the age of 30 has 50% success rate while for those above 35 the rate fall drastically low , i.e. 20%. However, this scenario is changing with arrival of improved technologies.
  2. Decline in fertility of women- Once the women reaches the age of 35, her fertility starts declining. This decline is noticed in number of eggs and their quality as well, reports an AIIMS Professor of Gynaecology in Delhi NCR. The number of eggs produced in a woman can be detected by conducting a blood test called AMH. AMH is a hormone responsible for production and growth of eggs. However, AMH cannot reveal the details about the quality of the eggs.
  3. Reduction in men fertility- Similar to women, men also face decrease in fertility rate with growing age. Although, they keep on producing sperms, the quality of the sperms depreciates as they go past the age of 40 and which finally results into infertility. Additionally, the sperms of the older age men are less in quantity, lack the mobility and more susceptible to DNA damage, which may lead to cause birth defect in the baby.
  4. Act quickly- It is highly recommended to take quick action and see the doctor, if you find any signs of infertility. The couples under the age of 35 must reach out to the doctor, if they fail to conceive within a year of efforts. Those who are above this age, must see the specialist within 6 months of period, advises an AIIMS Professor of Fertility & IVF in Delhi NCR.
  5. IVF is costly; economically as well as emotionally- IVF not only drains your bank account with its cost, but it can drain you emotionally and physically. The woman may suffer from tiredness, mood swings and other health issues due to hormonal changes. The mental stress the woman undergoes while waiting for the result of the treatment is unexplainable.
  6. Risk involved- IVF is considered as the safest process, in some exceptional cases patients get affected by a medical condition in which they start producing too many eggs. This condition is called as Ovulation Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, reports an AIIMS Professor of Gynaecology in Delhi NCR. This risk can be lessened by consuming low doses of medicines.
  7. No surety of success- IVF has brought revolution in fertility treatments and is regarded as the best among all. Still, there is no 100% surety of success. Many unexpected and unresolvable problems come in between the process failing your attempt. Many couples have faced repeated failure and left with no option. They are counselled to deal with the reality.
These are the things one must know about IVF treatment. Although, there are several factors involved, this treatment has surely brought back the smiles on the faces of couples waiting to have babies for long time.



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