IVF for Infertile Couples

IVF stands for In-Vitro Fertilization, and is pretty much the last ray of hope for couples who are trying for a child. IVF paves the way for infertile couples to have their dream family, and it also helps same sex couples to get a child. The expecting and would be parents know Delhi as one of the best centers for IVF and medicinal support after successful completion of the gestation period. Delhi and NCR region is also pretty forward in providing medical assistance to surrogate mothers. The best IVF centre in Delhi and Gurgaon provides all kinds of support, medicinal, psychological and physiological to surrogate mothers and parents alike. Here are 4 points that would show you why IVF is preferred over other treatments.

IVF Works for All Kinds of People
IVF works where other treatments fail. In one of the best IVF hospital in Delhi, unsatisfied couples are a common sight. These couples want to conceive a baby and would do any kind of thing to become successful parents. They are willing to go through any kind of treatments possible, however, IVF is a complete solution to all of their problems. Most couples find it socially impossible to accept surrogacy for their baby, and there are many centers of infertility treatment in Delhi that counsel such parents into accepting surrogacy as their best option.

Option to Choose
IVF isn't restricted to mothers. Most working class ladies opt for surrogacy for their babies, mostly because they are working full time to make ends meet. Lesbians can also try this out with a proper donor. IVF centre in Gurgaon sees many such women lining for an appointment for the start of their IVF cycle.

An IVF specialist in NCR who provide full flexibility to couples into deciding when should they become pregnant. For both working partners, finding a right time to become pregnant or use surrogacy is important. For this reason cryopreservation of the egg is done after setting a right period for pregnancy. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an additional part of an IVF treatment cycle and is performed by highly skilled embryologists. In this process a single sperm is placed into each egg to assist fertilization.

An ICSI specialist in NCR can easily be found in one of the best fertility clinic in India. The National Capital Region also houses IVF specialist in Delhi. IVF doctors in Delhi are highly skilled and accredited people of the trade who have given couples hope and made parents happy throughout the NCR region.

Lesser Risk
IVF decreases chances of miscarriage and improves upon the chances of having a healthy baby. Sperm selection is done which selects the sperm with high motility and high fertilization probability, thus improving chances of conception. IVF is a beautiful process that ties together science with emotions and feelings to make the dream of hearing a baby's heartbeat come into reality.


Delhi is not shy of becoming one of the best centers of IVF due to the fact that the fertility services in Delhi are above par and have given great satisfaction to thousands of people. A typical IVF cycle begins with an IVF consultant in Delhi who guides couples through the bits of IVF and how to achieve a full cycle and receive a healthy baby. The best IVF hospital in Delhi is a one that easily assimilates patients and provides full care to them from end to end without any compromises.


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